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Seamless WooCommerce integration

Partial.ly Woocommerce integration payment plan functionality lets WordPress online stores provide a payment plan option as part of the E-commerce checkout process.

Increase your conversion rate and turnover by offering a custom, flexible payment plan checkout option to customers.

Add Partial.ly to your WooCommerce store with our Wordpress payment plan plugin and enhance online shopping for your customers in a way that offers a truly memorable experience by letting them make a purchase that they may otherwise have not.

Encourage more sales, attract return visits for future sales and offer something different from your competitors.
  • Simple integration with the peace of mind of full support when it’s needed
  • Offer a custom payment plan and provide flexible terms for your customers on your WooCommerce WordPress store
  • Seamless communication between WooCommerce and Partial.ly – orders are automatically created in your WooCommerce admin when a payment plan is opened.

Drive Conversions

Partial.ly lets you offer flexible payment plan terms on your WooCommerce store to help uplift your conversion rates. Let customers pay in instalments and make it easier for them to purchase the products they need, love or simply just have to have.

Seamless Integration

Partial.ly communicates seamlessly with WooCommerce. Simple instructions make it a breeze to connect your WooCommerce Partial.ly accounts. When a customer purchases with a Partial.ly payment plan, a WooCommerce order is automatically created.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is simple and transparent: 5% + 30¢ for every transaction – all merchant and credit card processing fees are included in our pricing. Visit our pricing page for more information.


Automated Payments

When a customer opens a payment plan, all payments are timed and automated. If customers want to pay early, they manually submit payments with one click.

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