If you have a business which provides continuing education classes, certification for specific professions, tutoring or any educational application, you would much prefer to spend your time developing curriculum rather than dealing with student registrations and collections.

The fee for these classes are sometimes more than the student can pay in one lump sum; Partial.ly payment plan software provides an easy, yet fully-customizable payment plan payment option for your students.

It will take the worry out of getting paid and will draw more students to your services if they have payment options. Our customized automated flexible payment plan option is a life saver for both students and educators. The payment plan software simplifies the entire process painlessly for you and the students.

You can time the payments to coordinate with the class schedule and allow your clients pay by class or specific time frame. The beauty of Partial.ly is that the entire automated payment plan can be customized not just to class schedules, but, more importantly, to the financial ability of the student to pay at certain times. Your students will appreciate the flexibility that Partial.ly has to offer and your enrollment and class participation will increase with this option. Let Partial.ly streamline your business by eliminating the hassle of collecting payments and allowing your educational services to shine.

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